ODIH Results

Mental Racing  =  Physical Ability  + Mental Agility

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An unexpected glorious morning greeted the runners for the first ever “One Day In History!” Mental Race.

The competitors were tasked with visiting puzzle checkpoints in a calculated sequence in order to gradually reveal the day of the week, day, month and year of a significant event in history, before finally solving a number of clues as to the name of the event itself.

The historical event was the Boston Tea Party, Thursday December 16th 1773.

Each correct answer provided bonus time to subtract from the runners’ course completion time , with the results being decided on net time.

There were some subtle and not so subtle clues along the way - e.g. each checkpoint was named after rivers and islands in and around the Boston area, and one of the mental challenges was to remember a list of types of tea in a certain order.


Congratulations to the winners of each category... Shaun Callaghan who took home the “Solo” trophy, and Nik Jordanov & Adam Stirk of team “No Frill - Just Chill” who cleaned up in the “Pairs” competition, also recording the overall quickest net time.