Mental Racing  =  Physical Ability  + Mental Agility

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EventHead currently has one race available for schools to take advantage of, and another in development.

Available Now...

TangTasticTM is an event where teams of four pupils need to collect puzzle pieces of varying shapes and sizes from checkpoints and return to their base to fit them in a puzzle frame. However, ití s not so simple as collecting everything and solving the puzzle... there are more shapes available than they need, so they must work out which pieces they need to collect. The race requires the pupils to work as a team (it is impossible for one pupil to complete the task alone) and as part of the race they need to calculate the area of the shapes they are collecting (an activity based on the national curriculum)

TangTasticTM is suitable for up to 8 teams of 4 pupils from year 5 to year 8.

Coming soon...

ArithManicTM is an event where teams will need to create a mathematical equation using integers and mathematical operators that can be collected at checkpoints.


For more information and to see how your school can get involved, please contact us using the tab to the left.